As the year turns and the weather gets colder, many of us feel the temptation to stay bundled up inside on the sofa with a cup of tea and the telly.

But even in winter, it’s important to keep active where you can – and Be Well can help! 

Our Gentle Walks are continuing throughout December with all the benefits of fresh air, gentle exercise, and socialisation. Click here to see our full schedule. 

Walking is a wonderful way to boost your wellbeing. Not only can it help strengthen your bones and reduce your blood pressure. It also helps build lower-body strength, which improves your balance and helps to prevent falls. 

And as the name suggests, our Gentle Walks are easy going, sociable events that are as much about having a great time as getting active. You’re as likely to get your heart rate up through laughing as from walking!

Research shows that just spending 20 minutes in the park – whether one is exercising or not – is enough to improve someone’s mood. And, in Scotland, GPs have been giving their patients prescriptions to spend time in nature because of the profound benefits to spending time outside.

But let’s be honest – winter in the Peak District is not to be sniffed at! For all the benefits of bundling up and getting out into the fresh air, sometimes it’s good to have the option of staying in.

Our Gentle Dancercise classes are a great, gentle way to keep moving – and stay warm doing it.

Our classes can be taken at your own pace; pick the dances as you go along and step out and take a breather as often as you like. So even if you’re a complete beginner, there’s space for you to join in, let your hair down, and have a boogie! Click here to see our Gentle Dancercise timetable.

Like walking, dancing has a range of health benefits, including improved balance and co-ordination. Learning new dance routines can also help stretch those little grey cells and improve your memory. 

In a survey of older people across the UK who take part in dance activities, the overwhelming majority reported that dancing improved their mood, made them feel more connected to the people around them, and gave them a sense of achievement. 

But above all, Gentle Dancercise is enormous fun, with a soundtrack of hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80 to get moving to – and a well-earned cup of tea at the end. 

So, whether you want to venture into the great outdoors or stay warm inside – or both! – we have a session to suit you. For more information about our Gentle Walks, contact Malcolm on 07841687824 and for information about Gentle Dancercise, contact Jayne on 07590839421. 

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