The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on all of us in different ways. Our activator, Vicky, wrote this piece about her experience of catching COVID-19, and to reassure our readers that what they’re feeling is normal – even if our circumstances aren’t.

Many of our readers will already know me, but for those who don’t, I’m Vicky, the Intergenerational project developer for Be Well. When I was asked to write about how catching COVID-19 had affected me, I was initially anxious as personally I found it very hard and writing down emotions can be a struggle. But, here we go!

Vicky was part of our Easter project in 2021 with Hummingbird Hub which saw 100 Easter eggs deliver to elderly members of our community.

My partner Greg initially caught COVID-19 on January 1st 2022 (Happy New Year…!), with myself and our 2 year old daughter Ada catching it within days of him. Both Ada and I suffer from asthma, so I was terrified about what effect the virus would have on our chests and our health.

Fortunately, we were all very lucky with our symptoms and none of us felt any major effects. Generally it felt like we had the flu, but with extreme fatigue. The body aches weren’t fun and trying to look after ourselves whilst also caring for Ada was a test not only on our parenting skills but our relationship – being stuck in a house for two weeks, feeling unwell, with a dog who won’t stop dropping a ball at your feet, it took its toll!

More distressing was the toll it took on my mental health. It was always at the forefront of my mind how many people had lost their lives to this virus, and this constant awareness had a very destructive effect on my mindset. I personally struggle generally with my mental health anyway, so combining that with being locked in a house for over two weeks (due to the timescale in which Ada was clear as she caught it after us), as well as not seeing anyone and feeling generally run down, I was definitely starting to feel very low.

I am writing this piece to assure you that all of these feelings were normal. This way of living, being locked down and wearing masks and having little to no physical contact is not life as we know it – and most importantly, not as we want it! But for the safety of our loved ones, we have followed the rules and will continue to do so.

I truly hope that 2022 will see an improvement on the situation – and might even get to see someone smiling at us in a supermarket again! But most importantly through all this, we have come out the other side, COVID-19 free, happy and grateful for every day.

At Be Well, our customers are so important and we want to make sure that anyone that wants to talk about COVID or anything for that matter, we are always here for you.

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