Our people

Ann (centre) came to work for Be Well via Walking Netball and Dancercise. You always know when Ann is in the office as the volume of chat and tea drunk both increase exponentially. Her official role is keeping the databases for Walking for Health and Be Well “straight” but she’s always prepared to turn her hand to whatever is needed.

Despite being irredeemably Southern, Malcolm is an integral part of Be Well managing our walks programme, leading the Men’s Social Club and being the MC for our Tea Dances. He is full of ideas, energy and compassion for his fellow human beings and simply one of the nicest people you could wish to meet.

Arthur runs our Whaley Bridge Walking Football sessions, leads a Walking for Health walk and takes charge of our Walking Rounders session when its happening. Volunteers like him don’t grow on trees and we’re glad to have him and his second in command, Paul, who fills in when Arthur is out of the country watching cricket.

Our bubbliest team member, Kirsti does all things Dance for Be Well from seated dance to inter-generational sessions which bring together our youngest and our least young customers. She’s often to be found dancing round the office and her positive outlook lifts everyone who meets her.

Nothing builds a sense of community and counters isolation and loneliness quite like eating in company. We work with our partners at Eat Well Glossop to bring social eating opportunities to everyone in our diverse little town. Find out more about our social eating on Facebook.

Officially our Inter-generational project developer, Vicky does everything from leading our singing group to managing our Pay It Forward programme. Unofficially she is the life and soul of the Be Well party. Our participants love her, our partners sing her praises and the rest of us just stay out of her way in case we get blown away.

Our Men in Sheds activator, Steve, is a man who prefers to be in the background, as his camouflage t-shirt shows, so his supporting role with “Shedders” of all ages suits him down to the ground. The men find purpose and companionship while Steve gently keeps them on task and makes the tea.

Betty is the crafty member of our team and she leads our Stitch group, and our Lace group when its happening. If you want to learn – or teach – the many and various skills associated with these crafts in a friendly and supportive group of like-minded ladies then Betty would be pleased to welcome you. She’s lovely!

Jayne is the mainstay of our operation and takes care of our “back office function”. When she’s not paying the bills and organising rotas you will find her at the front of Dancercise classes and helping out at Eat Well events.

Our latest recruit Nick was recruited at the beginning of 2019 to bring a little sobriety and order to all things Be Well and revels in the job title of Chief Operating Officer. He is where the buck stops on a day-to-day basis and so divides his time between visiting our sessions to make sure our activators and participants are happy and speaking with our lovely partners. A Quizzer and a Walking Footballer from years back he “gets” Be Well, despite coming from Chinley.

Sarah got sucked in to the Be Well vortex way back in 2013 when she offered to ask the questions at our Christmas Quiz. Somehow that one-off contribution led to us making it a monthly event and the Quiz becoming one of our most popular sessions. 

You might recognise this suave and handsome man from the television as, in between leading our Chess club and helping out with the Men’s Social Club every now and again, Ian is what the Americans call a “background actor” or extra. He’s been on Corrie!

Having started Be Well in 2012, Chair Mick focusses on strategy, partnership building and finding funding. In his time with Be Well he has hobnobbed with a duke, kissed a Sports Minister and been hailed as a Public Health Hero but he is happiest when playing Walking Football, taking part in the Friday afternoon Lipreading class or drinking tea with the lovely people who come to our sessions.